The fabrication of relics from the unprecedented

The fabrication of relics from the unprecedented Paleolithic Age that drove the Japanese academic world into a state of shock.

If it weren’t for the Minichi Shimbun, which has invested more in human and material than other media in historical discovery since more than 20 years ago, the fabricated Japanese history would have been buried forever. The Mainichi Shimbun has been focusing its coverage on the discovery of historical sites since 20 years ago.

Last September, a reporter for the Mainichi Shimbun noticed a strange sign while he was exploring the historical site of Hokkaido along with Fujimura. So while carefully watching Fujimura’s behavior, he saw him take something out of his pocket and bury it in the ground. The reporter hastily pressed the camera shutter. However, the picture was taken in such a hurry that the screen condition was too bad to become evidence. Still, Fujimura announced the following day that he had unearthed another artifact. So the reporter acted with him without showing any sign of him, mindful of the fact that he had no accurate evidence of Ghana.

Finally, in late October, at the site of the Kami-Dakamori site, the reporter was able to capture Fujimura’s polite behavior on pre-installed cameras. He successfully filmed five comb-patterned stones buried under the ground and minced the soil with his feet. The next day, Fujimura calmly dug up the stones he had buried and proudly announced that they were relics hundreds of thousands of years ago. In response, the Mainichi Shimbun reporter ran an article that contradicted his announcement head on. With a series of photographs of him burying stones the day before he excavated….

As a natural result, the Japanese history academic community has been turned upside down and the education sector and the Japanese government have put an emergency situation on the line. Of course, such an absurd situation can only be said to be the self-fulfilling of officials who unilaterally recognized all artifacts without any verification of the relics discovered by an amateur researcher.

Moreover, Fujimura was neither a historian majoring in archaeology nor a person who was involved in archaeology He was a salesperson at a small and medium-sized electric company just a while ago. In addition, when the audience asked questions in the lecture hall, a high school graduate was unable to understand the basic terms even beginners of archaeology know. Nevertheless, the sound of scholars suspicious of the remains and relics he has unearthed was played by the Japanese history community, believing only his words.

However, the Korean media’s attitude in reporting this is not only good. It is certainly true that the Japanese academic community played a part in the one-man scam staged by Amateurs, but it is not the right point to link it to the history of Korea and Japan to distorting history. Fujimura’s recent fabrication of relics is nothing but a deception by the Japanese history academic community.

In any case, when something happens to Japan, our media gets excited and reports that far ahead of the truth. We have one thing to overlook here. Obviously Mr. Fujimura is an amateur who is very interested in archaeology. Nevertheless, the majority of Japanese scholars and government officials believed what he said The same was true of the people. Why would he do that?

There are more than 10,000 amateur Korean experts and researchers in Japan. They have the same knowledge as experts when it comes to Korea that they can simply write a book about Korea. From history teachers to working women, such amateur Korean professionals have various jobs and different reasons. I fell in love with them after eating kimchi, and I hated Koreans because they were related to Korean residents in Japan, so if Koreans attacked me, I would fight back. He is said to be interested in Korea for various reasons and is continuing to do research. Not only Korea, but also individuals and groups who specialize in areas they are interested in are said to have an immeasurable number throughout Japan, such as Fujimura.

It is also said that scholars with expertise in these amateur researchers have considerable trust. That’s because even if you’re an amateur, your research is as full as it is. Of course, he is so trusted that he sometimes finds himself in a ridiculous situation, as in Fujimura’s case, but amateur researchers in most fields work hard in their own ways that sometimes publish better research than experts who are good at theory. That is why even amateur researchers are deeply trusted by the Japanese people, academics and government officials.

As such, it would be a huge mistake if all the Japanese historians mistake it as a poor construction. In the meantime, unknown amateur researchers will continue their research silently to discover new facts somewhere in every corner of Japan.

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