was another person there besides her

Ever since she ran into a man she loved before, I’ve been in touch with her.
No…She wouldn’t answer her call…When she tries to meet you,
He avoided me because he had another appointment…Do you want two of her? I’d say, “Want to come out?”
I didn’t… …

Yes… it’s a shame that the scoundrel came out of the boat…-_;

Hoot… no…I avoided her because…

It’s so that I don’t affect her choice….

But her phone call that day…

What’s wrong with you these days?

GYUNWOO: What is it? How am I?

She: She doesn’t even come out.I don’t think he’s answering his phone.like a broken heart

Gyeon-woo: I’m busy and tired these days….

She: Are you busy today?

Gyeon-woo: Yeah.I’m sorry… I have a lot to do…I have an appointment.

Can’t you do it next time? Do you have to go?

The call of the day must be… Her voice on the phone is different than usual…
It feels different.And the tone is different….

I could tell intuitively from her voice.

That she now makes a choice… …

Of course, as I said before, it’s not the choice of whether you’re an old lover or a dog or not.
It’s the choice between loving the old man again or not… …

The meaning of her choice is whether her wound can heal or
Gyeon-woo should stay longer.

I thought the meaning of choice was meaningless to me. I’m sick anyway.
Because I thought I wouldn’t…

To go to her…No, to be exact…Her completely healed wound.
I canceled another appointment to see you. And to the place where she told me to come out.
It’s gone.

My feeling was right. There was another person there besides her.
Another… …the man who had been in love with her before…I think he’s a good guy.
I’ve never seen you before.

Yes, he was handsome.He looks well-mannered and dresses well. And he’s got a lot of money.
I can see….I think it will be very popular with women…

What the hell is going on?You’re ugly. You don’t even know your manners.If you don’t have a big suit,
It’s different from me who takes my clothes out of the washing machine and keeps my mouth shut….-_-;;
It’s a secret, but… it’s fun to wear a three-day pantry.-_-;;

She introduces…

Say hello to each other…This is my friend Gyeon-woo… ”

Yes, we’re friends.But for some reason, I can’t hear anything else. Friend… friend…
He’s the only one who digs into my heart.She and I are friends…

“And this is Umm… …XXX. ”

Maybe she didn’t find anything else to say about him. Just a name.
He told me…To her, the man is a friend…I don’t think she’s a friend.

I ordered coffee. He ordered coffee, too. And she’s drinking coke.
I ordered…

But it’s weird…I was very surprised to see her order coke…
Coke… …which means she’s in a bad mood…

But the man who had known her for a long time, once in love, did it.
I don’t think he knows. He was just smiling…What’s so good about it… …

I looked at her in more detail. I’m smiling, but it’s different than usual.
Apparently, there’s something restless.I can feel that…It’s understandable…

I’m not dating the man I dated now, but the man I’m dating is in one place.
There is. Any woman will never feel good. But it’s the only thing she’s ever made.
It’s a seat… (I’ll tell you later why she created it. )

I didn’t know back then. No, I thought so. She’s not gonna tell the truth.
It’s going back…That’s why you want to thank me.

But I’m still calm.I’ve been trying so hard not to love her.
It’s gonna be a result.It will be the result of my rationality beating the emotion.

I didn’t say anything.I’ve never seen anyone like that before.
I didn’t have much to say in my seat.

When she talks to me, he talks to me and he drinks coffee… …

When she talks to the man, I also drink coffee without saying anything….

Then when the silence falls, she drinks coke….

She stands up and says,

The place we went in is different from the usual noisy bar. Beer
It’s more like a cocktail bar selling cocktails than a leopard print. degree of music chart
Quite a quiet pop song.

The hofu jib had two types of tables. One is a circular table.
The other was a table of squares that was usually seen a lot.

The man entered first and walked to the square table. I am
I went right behind him, but I was thinking to myself, and I realized that he had a place.
I didn’t see it.

As soon as I entered the Hofu House, and as soon as I felt the atmosphere, I thought.

She took turns talking to him and me, as she did with the coffee shop a while ago.
I ordered it, and I’m trying not to cause any inconvenience to either side.

If you’re sitting at a square table, she’s sitting next to him or me.
You have to choose between the two…

Let’s settle down on the circular table… ..I mean…

So I went to the round table. And he went to the square table.
She follows me and calls him…Come this way.

I guess she feels the same way as I do. From her point of view, the square table is very…
It’s going to be embarrassing.

He sat on the circular table and he was groaning like this.
It’s uncomfortable to have it………………………

I thought in my mind that a man who loved her wouldn’t think like that.
Maybe it’s not that I don’t have any thoughts, it’s that guy’s confidence in me.
Of course she’s going to sit next to her.

Actually, I don’t care who she sits next to…It’s just that she’s uncomfortable.
You don’t have to…But maybe I was hoping. She’s
Sitting next to him…So she told me that her wounds were all healed.
Show them……..

That’s why Gyeon-woo has been next to her so far….

I ordered a drink, but the drinking party is not pleasant. I drink, but I feel comfortable.
No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t touch a single drop of alcohol.

A lot of thoughts came and went. She doesn’t drink in front of him.
……but to her… is insubordinate.It doesn’t suit me at all. …
Maybe she has something to say to me or to him soberly.

The man and I were very drunk… …even the first time we drank together.
It depends on how close you get to someone you meet, but not with him. intentional
But we didn’t talk to each other from the beginning. Of course I didn’t have anything to say.

I thought. That’s enough….She can’t keep her cool even after meeting him.
Now that she’s here, she can love again……..

I got up from my seat. When asked why she woke up, she said to go to the bathroom.
I answered, but I was just going home. On the way to her.
I thought I could make a call.

Then I slipped out of the bar.I was walking down the stairs, and there was someone behind me.
I’m calling you… it was her